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International retail in the spotlight

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Keynote speeches and overseas exhibitors to give participants an international insight.


Paris Retail Week aims to provide professionals with a forward-looking event, a place where they can network with experts and decision-makers to demystify and sense the changes that will affect the online and physical retail market of tomorrow's world. As such, the new event for connected retail wants to give participants an international insight with a number of keynote speeches and overseas exhibitors.

In fact, a considerable gap can currently be seen between web users' habits, with country-specific practices and differences in behaviour in North America, Asia and Europe.

Based across these three continents, the international companies taking part in Paris Retail Week will give retailers and e-commerce professionals a vision that stretches beyond their individual borders. What are the trends? What are the new products? What about practices? Can we talk about a shared vision of the retail industry?

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Europe under the microscope



German start-up Akanoo provides e-retailers with an innovative predictive marketing solution combined with a turnkey service. Akanoo associates customer knowledge with cutting-edge technology that uses the main data mining and machine learning methods to analyze online behaviour and carry out targeted marketing actions in real time on the websites. 


DiMaBay is a young and ambitious company specializing in package inserts, with offices in Berlin and Bayreuth in Germany. DiMaBay has experienced rapid growth in several key European markets since its creation in 2009. The company's continued success can mainly be credited to its prowess in marketing coupons and insert campaigns. 

Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops is the most widely-known trusted brand for e-commerce among both online sellers and buyers. Founded in 1999 by Jean-Marc Noel, the Cologne-based company in Germany provides e-retailers with an end-to-end array of trusted solutions guaranteeing secure purchases for consumers, including a customer rating system and a trustmark with a money-back guarantee. 


Maxymiser (UK) empowers over 300 major brands to improve their online conversion rate and customize their customer experience across the web, mobile devices and apps through testing (A/B and multivariate testing) and personalization. Over 140 industry experts help customers define their optimisation strategy and implement sophisticated tests that go far beyond simple A/B testing. 

TC Group Solutions

Spanish company TC Group Solutions has developed a wide range of Retail Intelligence® solutions, a set of smart applications and tools that target knowledge creation and management, based on gathering and analyzing the information generated at the point of sale.


Zoined is a Finnish company offering cloud analytical tools to the retail and hotel sectors.


Carine Moitier


Carine Moitier, Managing Director of BeCommerce, will speak during a conference to unveil the latest figures and trends of BeCommerce Market Monitor, a quarterly benchmark survey into the online expenditure of consumers in Belgium. 

David Goy

David Goy, Marketing Manager at Gaastra, will show how effective personalization focuses on targeting activities in line with customer satisfaction. Based on data analytics (behaviour, purchase history and interactions) and purchasing probabilities, these activities can be used to improve e-commerce performance and the Customer Lifetime Value among the target group.

A closer look to Asia



Azoya International is a Chinese company founded in 2013. With 8 offices and 20 partners across the world, including in France, Shenzhen-based Azoya International is the only company offering a complete range of cross-border solutions allowing both e-commerce professionals and traditional retailers to build up their business in the leading global market. 

Furthermore, a Chinese pavilion will showcase the expertise of several companies, including Hubei Pengdun Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd and Wuhan Honeycomb E-Commerce Co. Ltd...


Cédric O Neill


Cédric O’Neill, President of, will present the Chinese cross-border market: more than just a trend, a new form of distribution is rapidly expanding, including Chinese consumers’ new habits - who prioritize and look for quality abroad, as well as the emergence of the international BtoC market.

Pamela Hsieh

Pamela Hsieh, Head of Marketing EMEA - Europe, Middle East & Africa - Alipay / Alibaba Group, will show how consumer habits are being changed by new ways of consuming and interacting thanks to mobile payment applications. She will also explain how Europe and the United States are trailing behind China in terms of mobile payments.

North America in the spotlight



San Francisco-based Zendesk offers a CRM solution that brings companies and their customers closer together. Zendesk enables companies to engage directly with their customers and build a long-term relationship.



AdRoll is a start-up based in San Francisco that offers the world's most widely-used independent retargeting platform with over 20,000 active advertisers. The AdRoll platform enables companies operating in a wide range of industries to use customer data and manage high-performance campaigns across all platforms and devices. 


Headquartered in New York City with R&D in Israel, Taboola is the leading content recommendation platform, delivering over 200 billion suggestions to over 550 million unique visitors every month on the web's most innovative sites. 


Mathieu Halle


Mathieu Halle, President and Co-Founder of RCEQ (Quebec Consortium of Online Retailers), will provide insights into the major challenges facing Quebec's e-commerce sector: How can professionals stand up to the powerful US market? Why create a real entrepreneurial label called "Quebec eCommerce"? Local vs. Global, who, what, how much, where? Is Québec lagging behind?

Rob Twyman - Whole Foods Market

Rob Twyman, President - North America at Whole Foods Market, will use his 30 years' experience in the US retail industry to take a look at the past, present and future of the market.

Daniel Dreymann

Based in Los Altos, Daniel Dreymann, CEO of Mowingo, will share his insider's experience of Silicon Valley. In-store mobile shopping, apps and beacons; he will enable visitors to discover the real-life cases and success stories of American retailers who engage with their customers in the store, at home and on the move.

The three-day Paris Retail Week will also play host to the US e-commerce giants, including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Altavia Retail Lab: The best international cases of innovation in retail

Altavia Retail Lab

Paris Retail Week and Altavia, the leading independent international group specializing in sales communication for the retail sector, have teamed up to organise an in-show event available to all visitors and exhibitors called the Altavia Retail Lab.

Altavia Retail Lab will help visitors to analyze and understand a selection of the best international cases of innovation in retail, both physical and digital, and thereby improve brands' sales performance: creating traffic, recruitment, customer retention, higher sales, etc.

These are just some of the tangible innovations lining the new multi-channel customer journey and transforming online and offline sales’ outlets into purchasing venues.

A unique experience - during the three-day event, come and chat with the NAO robot, the new accomplice for sales assistants.